6 tips on purchasing an automatic sliding or swinging gate

At Residential Gates we have heard many stories about how saving a little extra money at the start was offset by unexpected and unexplained costs found out after purchasing an inferior automatic gate. We have compiled 6 tips below that will allow you to make sure you are comparing apples with apples and getting the best long term solution for your family and home’s protection.

  1. When obtaining quotes, please compare each component thoroughly
  2. Make sure the gate is manufactured strong enough to withstand the torque given off by the motors
  3. Make sure the gate is coated with Epoxy Primer prior to Powder-coating
  4. Make sure the Automation is Italian and will give you trouble free service
  5. Make sure the track preparation & post footings are adequate
  6. And most importantly, we implore you to check reviews on any competitive quotes.

Call one of our friendly staff today for more information. We are always available or a chat or a visit to our showroom.


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