3 tips for protecting and maintaining your automatic gate

Installing an automatic gate is a great way to protect your Perth property, provide convenient, secure access and raise the value of your home.

However guaranteeing the best return on your investment means caring for your gate and making sure it is always well maintained and looked after.

Remember to always consult the manufacturer’s manual for your specific automatic gate product. These instructions should always be the priority and supercede the below general tips, where more specific treatments and maintenance procedures are required.

1. Give it the ‘good once over’

Regularly survey your automatic sliding or swinging gate.

  • Inspect the gate motor, metal racks should be kept clear of debris and dirt for uninterrupted usage
  • Chain belts and drive belts should be checked for wear and tear.
  • Look for dented panels and exposed electrical connections.
  • Regularly check the bearings and any other components for damage.
  • Check that all bolts are tightly screwed or held in place. If there are loose bolts holding springs or cables, do not touch them to avoid damage and rather call your technician.

2. A little love goes a long way

Where applicable, wash, oil or polish your gate once a year – This will contribute significantly to always keeping it beautiful, presentable and most importantly operable. Always make sure when cleaning that you avoid getting water in the gate opener. Water can cause significant damage to electrics and should always be kept well clear of these areas.

3. Lubricate those joints!

We advise that you check you manual for the recommended lubricant and lubricate moving parts every 6 months. Usually, the moving parts requiring lubricant are those that are responsible for moving the gates automatically i.e. the chain, roller, pulley, hinges screws.  Friction and resistance can work against your parts and gates ease of operation and cause damage over time that can be avoided with just a little regular attention.

Buying an automatic gate is a great investment. But to make sure to get your best return on it, you really must care for it just as you do your car and your home in general.


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