About our quality Italian Automation Motors

When investing in the protection of your family and home’s protection and security, considering high-quality components that will not only last but continue to perform 10 years down the track as they do when they are brand new is essential. Making an investment on an automatic gate is an upfront cost decided on the belief that it will pay off long into the future. Often realising that you purchased an inferior automatic gate happens years after making the purchase, causing frustration with finding repairers for cheap parts or no after sale service at all. That’s why we only use superior Italian Automated Motor systems that we can stand behind and trust to make sure that our valuable customers are protected and satisfied long into the future.

Reliability and safety are at the base of our Automatic Gates King Dynamos mechanical automation system components, allowing for longevity and superior protection. Produced with sturdy materials, they turn on large ball bearings that are attached to die-cast aluminium roller housings.

The internal gear has involute teeth. This special construction allows maximum contact between the worm screw and the gear. The tooth wraps around the screw whereas in traditional construction the parts in contact add up to just a few millimetres. The result? Quiet movement, high performance, no wear. 4 Kg of die cast aluminium, ABS plastic parts with anti-UVA ray treatment and pure polyester painting make the Dynamos a solid automation that can stand up to any sort of weather. The sturdy handle in die cast aluminium with personalised key allows manual opening of the gate and disables the electronic apparatus, preventing undesired movement.


Star D1230 and Star D 124 are the control units of Dynamos. They simplify the life of the installer, guaranteeing extremely high performances in terms of safety, durability, and speed. The same hardware with 2 different software speeds up the installation of the automation and the maintenance becomes simple and practical. The plastic box, the spare fuses and the removable memory card are some examples of the functionality and design of a reliable and innovative product. The software technology PWM (Pulse width modulation) ensure the safety in case of an obstacle, and allow the adjustment of the opening and closing speed of the gate. The 24V version previews the optional battery back-up for the functioning in case of black-out.

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Learn more about the King Dynamo here.



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