The little differences that make our gates better!

I know the general consensus of consumers see a Gate as just a Gate, BUT I’m here to shed some insight as to why it’s important to spend a little time researching the products available and the manner in which companies install their products.

I’ve been involved in this industry for the past 20 years so it’s safe to say I know my Gate stuff! I’ve seen every product available, ranging from hinges, latches, brackets, rollers, through to numerous automation brands and equipment. Because of this experience and knowledge my company has been able to sift through the rubbish! Those products that give you trouble and have teething problems…We don’t sell. The automations that are weak and just fit the specifications…We don’t sell. 

In fact, we would rather over-engineer a gate simply because you won’t need to call us again… well maybe just to say “hi”. We want you to have trouble free usage and to get the quality of product that your hard earned dollars have paid for!

So here are a few tips for you to use while you shop around:

Posts and Foundations

It all starts with this! The correct posts and foundations will be the key to years of trouble free usage. Ask about the size and thickness of the posts and the concrete depth. Make sure the track-work for the sliding gates is continued across the full distance and not cut short. Make sure the posts for the automatic swinging gates are 5mm thick steel and concreted in ground 800mm deep.

Material and sizing

What material and size is used for the framework of your new gate? Cheap gates sometimes don’t even have a frame which is a huge concern and will end up falling apart. Aluminium framed automatic gates are not strong enough to withhold the torque and can snap at the welds. So ensure the framework for your gate will be Steel and appropriately treated using Epoxy Primer and Powder-coating.


Ask the question on what type of hinges, and latches are used. We have a comprehensive virtual showroom displaying all the hardware we recommend. So many customers have no idea what is available or how their new gate will work. After an on-site inspection, we will be able to customize the appropriate hinges, latches and hardware suitable to your application, leaving you with the confidence in us and our company!


What automatic supplier does the company use and where are they from? What are the specifications and weight ratings? The automations we use and recommend are manufactured and supplied from Italy. The have led the way in engineering and development of these motors for over the last decade. We have a range of motors which we pair with our gates based on weight ratio. 


Who does the installations? You want someone that works solely for the company and has the appropriate knowledge and expertise they need to deal with onsite issues which may occur. 


What warranty is offered and what after sales service is available? Are you able to get hold of someone after hours? Our warranty is for 2 years on all of our products and workmanship.


Most importantly, check the reviews left by your fellow consumers. This is the key to finding out about the companies workmanship, quality and customer satisfaction!

These factors will determine whether your double gate, single gate or automatic gate will stand the test of time and give you years of uninterrupted usage. I know our gates all meet the above criteria and we are proud of every product that leaves our factory for it’s new home. 

So when it comes to the decision of who you will chose to build your new gate, factor in quality and workmanship instead of just the dollar. Factor in years of trouble-free usage. Factor in security and strength. Because a Gate is not just a Gate.

Have a great weekend


Managing Director


The little differences that make our gates better!

I know the general consensus of consumers see a Gate as just a Gate, [...]

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