At Residential Gates, we specialise in Sliding and Swinging gates, manufacturing each gate based on exact site specifications for Residential properties.

As proud distributors of Italian Automation systems – KEY and KING, Residential Gates offers a full range of models and accessories to suit all your requirements! The engineering and technology of our Italian motors are far superior to other manufacturers motors.

All of our motors come with a 2 year warranty. We offer complete packages to suit our clientele needs and all work is carried out by our trained technicians.



First and Foremost – the foundations of our gates are far superior!

We use concreted embedded track on most applications and Steel Posts for our brackets. This will ensure long-term durability, stability and effective operation.


Reliability and safety are at the base of the mechanical components; produced with sturdy materials, they turn on large ball bearings that are attached to die-cast aluminum roller housings. The internal gear has in-volute teeth which results in Quiet movement, High performance and no wear.

The sturdy handle in die cast aluminum with personalized key allows easy manual opening of the gate and disables the electronic apparatus.

The Dynamos is available to suit gates ranging from 400kg to 1000kg

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Aluminium Slats 65mm Slider, Single Gate and Infill Panels

Aluminium Slats 65mm Vertical Slider and Infill Panels

Garrison Sliding Gate

Horizontal Square Sliding Gate, Single Gate and Infill Panels

Jarrah Horizontal Inside Frame Sliding Gate

Jarrah Horizontal On-Frame Sliding Gate and Infill Panels

KING Dynamos Sliding Automation

Knotwood Jarrah Sliding Gate

Knotwood Jarrah Sliding Gate

Knotwood  Vertical Sliding Gate

Knotwood Western Red Cedar Slider, Single Gate and Infill Panels

Knotwood Western Red Cedar Sliding Gates

Knotwood Western Red Cedar Vertical Slider

Perforated Mini Orb Horizontal Sliding Gate

Trimdeck Sliding Gate with Fencing panels

Tubular Bunbury Sliding Gate and Infill Panels

Vertical Square Sliding Gate

Wavelock Horizontal Sliding Gate

Windsor Pine Sliding Gate Back View

Windsor Pine Sliding Gate

York Sliding Gate, Single Gate and Infill Panels



Our Swinging gates are Engineered using Solid Steel Ball bearing 30mm shaft hinges with a weight bearing of 200kg per hinge. Serious stuff!

Our Hinging Posts are 5mm thick Steel, 100×100 in diameter and concreted in ground approx 800mm. The reason is long term stability, without movement!

KEY RODMAN AUTOMATION for Swinging gates

The big linear drive motor with double bearings on the main shaft which makes the Rodman a reliable motor giving years of uninterrupted service

The Rodman is capable of moving gates up to 600kg and up to a 4.5metre width.

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Wavelock Horizontal Double Swinging Auto Gate

Knotwood Jarrah Swinging Auto Gate

Knotwood Tassie Oak Swinging Auto Gate

Vertical Square Arch Top Double Gate

Collie with Pet Bars and Wave Top Double Gate




Solar power system is good solution when mains power is not available. The system is powered by the batteries, which are charged by the sun’s power thru the solar panel and the charger.


With minimum expense, existing gates may be adapted with our automation systems providing they are engineered correctly. Alternatively in some cases, we are able to modify the existing gates to suit the automation systems.

KING Solar Panel – Battery

KING Solar Sliding Gate