1. Is the work contracted out to subcontractors?

No. All of our installations are in-house using employees exclusive to Residential Gates. Our manager Scott has 20 years’ experience in the business and installs the Automatic Gates himself. This ensures every install is done to the highest craftsman level of quality, backed by accountability and a reputation for striving for perfection.

2. Do we manufacture the gates ourselves or are they imported?

No imports! A lot of competitors gates are imported, cut down to size and touched up. All of our Gates are manufactured in Perth and made to measure for each job.

3. What is the warranty period?

We offer a 2 year warranty on parts and labour. Not 1 year like other companies.

4. Do we have rust issues with our Steel frames?

No. All of our frames are Epoxy Primed and Powder-coated eradicating rust issues. We choose to use Steel for its Strength and Durability opposed to Aluminium.

5. What is the motor strength of the automations?

We offer different size motors depending on weight of the proposed gate. We always over-engineer our Automatic gates and team it up with a Heavy-duty reliable motor which will give you years of uninterrupted service. You will find that other companies may offer a smaller size motor to cut costs, so it’s always great to ask the question and compare apples to apples.

6. Are the tracks embedded or just bolted down? And are they Steel or Aluminium?

Embedded Steel Tracks are a must! Bolt down Aluminium tracks will be problematic with movements over time and durability

7. Will I get the same customer service after the job is completed?

At the end of the project, a handover is completed with the customer. Scott will run through the workings of the gate and leave the customer with the keys/remotes and his personal business card. He can be contacted directly to address any customer service inquiries.

8. Do we use a full perimeter frame on our gates?

We have seen gates made by other companies that simply have a channel on each side holding the gate together!!! This is unacceptable and will give you ongoing problems and trouble. All of our gates have a FULL perimeter welded frame with the channel attached inside the frame Please check reviews, ask for photo’s and do your research!

9. Can I afford a cheaper option?

It depends. Cheaper options come with an array of problems years down the track. Cheaper gates don’t last as long. They use cheaper materials. They require more maintenance, yet after-sales service is always a headache or totally non-existent. These are key complaints we hear on a daily basis from our customers who have gone down this track in the past.

At Residential Gates, we are not the cheapest gate manufacturers BUT we stand by our statement that we offer the best Automatic Sliding Gates and Swinging Gates in Perth. Building on our track record of happy customers is our strongest motivation. We guarantee you the best return on your investment possible.

Our Gates are not mass produced before being thrown together on site as quickly as possible by contractors who don’t care and you’ll likely never see again. They are built to last and are crafted, built and installed with the utmost care and precision. We do not cut corners and know how to build a gate correctly to ensure they don’t shift and don’t put extra stress on key wear points compromising the longevity of the product. Our obsession is for craftsmanship and we use only the highest quality components. We strongly believe in providing that old-school exceptionalism and caring customer service that is so rare today.

By choosing Residential Gates, you will love the finished product, feel secure in your protected home and appreciate knowing you can call the person who built your Gate any time help is required.