Whether it be an Automatic or Manual gate, we can custom make a design or choose from our large range of products. We offer supply only or supply and install packages to suit your needs and budget.

All of our designs are available in Sliding, Swinging or Pedestrian sizes. They are designed, engineered and manufactured in Perth. No Gates are imported or modified from standard sizes. Each gate is custom built for every application. Our simple gate designs offer unique individual character for each job depending on if its a small house, or a modern front gate design.

Our welding on all gates are mitered and flush prior to Powder-coating resulting in a seamless frame structure.



A very popular choice for security with many different designs to complement your property. Tubular products are constructed using Pre-Galvanised Steel and are used for Automatic gates, Pedestrian gates and Fencing infill panels. We have 12 popular designs to chose from and can also custom make to clientele needs.

Our Steel range extends to the popular Garrison Industrial style and Square Horizontal or Vertical designs which is very popular with the new home designs.

Our Steel designs are most commonly Epoxy Primed and Powder-coated in various colours to match your decor scheme.

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Tubular York design with Pet Bars

Horizontal Square Simple Single Gate Design

Tubular Bunbury Single Gate

Tubular Bunbury with Scroll – Ring Portico Gate



Colourbond gates provide privacy and security with a touch of class in sliding and swinging forms. The ideal gates to complement Neetascreen fencing with a wide range of colours and profiles available to match your decor scheme.

Our most popular sheeted designs are Trimdeck, Wavelock, Mini-orb and our Highly sought after and popular Perforated Mini-orb design!


Mini Orb Horizontal Single gate – Panels

Perforated Mini Orb Horiz Single Gate

Perforated Mini Orb Horizontal Single gate – Mini Orb Panels

Perforated Mini Orb Twin Colour Double Gate

Wavelock Horizontal Double Gate – Single Gate

Wavelock Horizontal Single Gate

Wavelock Vertical Double Gate



Aluminium Slats 65mm Single Gate and fixed panel

Aluminium Slats 38mm Single Gate

Aluminium Slats 65mm Panels

Aluminium Slats 100mm Single Gate

Aluminium Slats Pool Pump Enclosure




Custom made Knotwood with Scrolls Single Gate

Knotwood Bush Cherry Single Gate

Knotwood Western Red Cedar Single gate – Panel



The choice is endless with real timber! Dressed boards or Tongue & Groove boards are available in a choice of Cedar, Jarrah or Pine. The timber can be installed vertically for a traditional look or horizontally for a more modern approach.

All of our timber designs are installed onto an Epoxy Primed and Powder-coated Steel frame either on the face of the frame or embedded within the frame.

The timber can be painted or stained to match a colour scheme of your choosing or simply left raw for your own finishing touches.


Cedar Horizontal On-Frame Single Gate

Jarrah Horizontal Inside Frame Single Gate

Jarrah Vertical Inside Frame Single Gate with Mortice Lock – Handle

Tongue Groove Cedar Horizontal Inside Frame Single Gate



Our Windsor Pine picket gates are still extremely popular when matching to a classic federation home. The pickets can be painted to match any colour decor and a complementing fence constructed to finish off a timeless look!

Windsor Pine Pickets



Panels to complement gates are also available in any of our styles and colours. It not only enhances your property but provides security and peace of mind.


Aluminium Slats 65mm Single Gate – Panels

Knotwood Jarrah Panels

Knotwood Western Red Cedar Panels

Tubular Norseman Panel

Tubular Scroll Panel



Our custom made letterbox panels complements any home frontage. They can be made in any of our designs and sizes adjacent to a new Automatic gate or as a independent panel at the front of your home.


Letterbox KNOTWOOD Panel

Letterbox Tubular Panel BACK

Letterbox Tubular Panel



Powder Coating adds the desired aesthetic qualities to metal components, yet offers long-lasting protection in rough handling situations and outdoor conditions.

The coating materials are sprayed onto a metallic surface, before being heated to ensure a precise, even coverage. Long term performance of your coating will be enhanced by specification of an appropriate method of preparation, combined with regular care and maintenance of your powder coated surface.

We also highly recommend an epoxy primer formulated to give additional protection. E-Prime™ provides a barrier coating for improved corrosion resistance.

The Dulux Powder Coatings Colour Selector is a helpful guide to choosing the most suitable colour for your project.

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