To allow visitors to enter your premises a range of intercoms consisting of Audio and Video systems are available to activate the automatic gate from inside your home.

Intercoms can be connected to Single Pedestrian gates via an Electric Striker or directly to the Automation on a Driveway gate.


AUDIO Intercom

The AIPHONE DB Series is a superior and modern Audio Hands-free communication system designed for new construction or to replace existing audio systems. Providing both gate entry security and internal communication, the DB Series is the practical solution for access control in the home or office!

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VIDEO Intercom

The AIPHONE JO Series is security, convenience, and style all rolled into one! This is a Video Hands-free system which helps to identify visitors, colleagues, appointments,

or potential threats at an entrance. It features include a 7 inch touch screen, Full colour picture quality and the contemporary design complements today’s homes.

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